Success Stories


Jasmine is a living angel! She has a unique and powerful gift which I’ve had the privilege of receiving. Jasmine works with light energy and her treatments help clear old baggage and ties, creating space for new wonderful things to come to fruition. I have referred many close friends to see her when they are feeling, blue or down or at a cross roads. They all come back like new women! :-)

If you are contemplating having a session, go for it!

Emma Sydney

I began seeing Jasmine after consulting with a wide range of well-known and well-respected practitioners (globally) over the past 20 years. I was absolutely thrilled and astounded when Jasmine immediately helped me to resolve patterns and dis-ease that other healers had been unable to effectively assist me to transform and heal.  My work with Jasmine far exceeded my expectations in terms of the speed and ease with which my healing goals were accomplished.

What I appreciate most about working with Jasmine is her ability to deliver outstanding results with compassion, humility, respect and simplicity. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has a sincere desire to heal and grow. It is a truly profound blessing to have met her and had the opportunity to work with her.

T. Kelly Inner West, Sydney

Life has its ups & downs, mostly we are equipped to cope with the complexities of our inner and outer world, sometimes we find ourselves lost in an ocean of problems. After years of crippling back pain, a difficult relationship with my teenage son & finally the loss of a dear friend, I found myself struggling to see the light, or any possible way out of the darkness I felt within.

Without much hope, I booked a session with Jasmine. She listened with such heartfelt compassion to my tale, the spiritual healing she was able to achieve that day was immense & incomprehensible to me, she put parts of my soul back in place, parts I thought were simply gone, lost to life’s painful journey. I have been able to process my grief & navigate my way through life with more love in my heart.

I celebrate Jasmine’s very existence in this crazy world & I urge anyone that finds themselves lost on the road to meet this extraordinary healer of souls.


Lou Vote – Pilates Instructor South Coast, NSW

Jasmine has completely changed my life. She came along at a time when I was suffering acute anxiety from losing two businesses. I can’t explain how crippling the anxiety was – it completely stopped me from moving forward. Jasmine’s energy work and mentorship changed my life for the better. I have absolute confidence in myself and my journey. My anxiety is gone and for the first time I can honestly say that I’m excited and happy to see what’s still to come. 


Angela T. – Entrepreneur Double Bay, Sydney

I’ve been praying for quite some time for at least one healer that’s down to earth, approachable, and understands the physical symptoms life’s stresses has caused within my body. I found all of that and more in working with Jasmine. Not only is Jasmine able to empathise with challenges that I’m having, she’s able to help me to heal and grow into the person I’m meant to be, both personally and professionally.  I am forever grateful for all her healings via Skype, her email support and our continuing time together.

Christine Rosas – Author & Coach Florida, USA

Being a mother you worry about your child growing up. I call Jasmine our guardian angel. Sometimes children don’t like to talk about what’s going on in their world, and this is where Jasmine can tap into their subconscious and get down to what is really bothering them. The treatment Jasmine has given my son has expanded his thinking and he has started to concentrate and absorb information better at school. I am very grateful to Jasmine for her professional knowledge and her understanding of my son. He feels very comfortable each time he has a session with Jasmine.

Danielle C Sutherland Shire, Sydney

My family and I have been going to see Jasmine for 6 years. We have found her to be a compassionate and exceptional healer. She has helped me with both physical complaints and emotional issues resulting from a family breakup. Jasmine helped me through a round of chemotherapy a couple of years back as a result of cancer, one of the side effects of the chemo was terrible bouts of anxiety which Jasmine helped me handle. I also had acupuncture to support my body during the chemo, and the specialist was always surprised that my body was handling the chemo so well, and this I put down to Jasmine’s help.

Everybody I have referred to Jasmine have been amazed by her work and how easy she is to talk to.

I often wonder where I would be now without her help.

Maureen P Sutherland Shire, Sydney

Jasmine has played an important role for me over the last several years particularly during periods of upheaval. She has assisted with gaining more perspective on issues that have been a recurrent barrier where I struggled to see my way through or knew that it was beyond an individual issue. Jasmine and I have worked together to clear the path both before me and that of the past, in doing so I have been able to shed old ways of being and reach important goals and milestones in my relationships, my work and my spiritual self. She has been a wonderful support, mentor and guide. Someone I trust implicitly to share personal fears, concerns and hopes.

Berindah Sydney

I was first recommended by a colleague, over three years ago, and was absolutely blown away by how amazing I felt after my first visit. Jasmine is able to work much deeper than any other healer I’d been to before, which is why I’m a regular client. As a result, my life is much more positive and fulfilled. I look forward to my sessions at Spirit & Soul, the surroundings are peaceful and welcoming; a true reflection of Jasmine’s nature. Jasmine you’re a true Angel!

Natasha Davies Sydney

I started seeing Jasmine for healing sessions 4 years ago. I needed to address a couple of issues which have now resolved & I still see her occasionally if I feel like a “tune up”. Her ability to faciliate healing on all levels of our being is extraordinary. Jasmine is deeply compassionate, caring & she always makes you feel completely safe in her beautiful healing space. I adore her & appreciate her assistance so much. I also love her meditation groups and workshops.

Sandy Hewitt – Acupuncturist South Coast, NSW

Each time I see Jasmine for a healing session, I come out feeling so light and free from worry. Her grounded presence and ability to guide me through tough times has made the hard times so much easier over the past couple of years. The feeling of having her lift the energetic weight from my shoulders is incredibly freeing.

Sarah Strachan – Acupuncturist Sydney

Jasmine has enabled me to become the person I am today. With her warm, accepting and unconditionally loving personality and gifts I have overcome depression, anxiety and severe eczema. I feel confident in who I am and attribute these successes to Jasmine and her spiritual gifts. Whatever you may be going through, Jasmine can provide insight and clearance to help you learn and grow from it. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Olivia M Ryde, Sydney

Jasmine is a highly gifted and authentic energy healer. Her channeling, her hands, her insight is mind blowing. Jasmine can tap into energy in the body like no other. ….I cannot recommend her more. She’s also a very warm and beautiful person too.

Jayne B Randwick, Sydney

I’ve been a client of Jasmine’s for a few years now, I have a rare headache disorder and I have been absolutely amazed and, indeed, so relieved to find a highly qualified, skilled and authentic healer that is Jasmine. I’ve been told by my neurologist that my case is rare and unfortunately not treatable by the usual medication. I’ve had many cranial nerve blocks, which actually haven’t had the same effect that Jasmine has! Unbelievable yet very true. Coming from a medical background, I have been aware of many treatments for myself and of course tried them all… When you have so much pain you have to take matters into your own hands or stay on medication for life. For me personally, that wasn’t an option, due to both personal choice and anaphylaxis too.

I attend 2-3 times a year, have had healing and acupuncture and find it all helps. Considering the constant pain I had to endure, I feel I have my life back and just need a top up of Jasmine’s amazing abilities.

I have been a witness to her ability to work on many dimensions, aspects and layers, having had confirmation from my own spirit guides. I am so thrilled and grateful for her healing gifts and her beautiful soul. You will never be changed, in the best and safest way possible.

Breed, 38 San Souci, NSW

Jasmine is a truly extraordinary woman! Not only is she loving and compassionate she has a remarkable healing talent that is unique to her. She has an amazing ability to gain insight and clarity about your individual needs and challenges, working with you to bring balance and peace back into your world. I am privileged to have found Jasmine and to have experienced her healing and spiritual ability.

Kristen K – HR Manager Melbourne

Jasmine is both amazing and inspiring in her energy healing. Her acute awareness of my energy fields never ceases to amaze me, she is able to tune into what is happening in my life so precisely.

I first met Jasmine when I was struggling with some health and emotional issues. I had tried many other medical practitioners and alternative therapists to no avail and then I was led to Jasmine. She has been able to help me understand why things have happened and how my body has processed and dealt with these issues and has since made adjustments in my energy fields to bring about positive changes in my life and commence the healing process.

I feel so lucky to have found Jasmine, she has an extraordinary gift.

Katie Sydney

Jasmine has provided her amazing healing methods to my 2 young boys, my husband and myself. In particular with my 4 year old, I have seen a massive change in his behaviour from aggresive to calm that I never thought was possible. She has the ability to change relationships, emotions and past lives. And the results are truely life changing. I’m so thankful for her dedication she has given to us and no doubt every client.

Jo L Kirrawee, Sydney

Jasmine is an amazing woman who has the gift of being able to work with the divine energies in a simple, profound and gentle way. Spirit guides her hands in healing both physical and emotional pain. She is a clear channel for delivering the support and wisdoms which open the client to their own deep healing states. We are indeed blessed to have Jasmine available to assist in our speedy journey to wellness. I would recommend you to work with this earth angel to help you lift the burdens and remove the blocks so that you may shine in health and joy.

Gail Pisani- Yoga Teacher Cronulla, Sydney

Jasmine, I can’t thank you enough for your work during our sessions over the last few years. What started out as appointments for my fertility issues ended up addressing so much more. Your work and guidance during my pregnancy and in the lead up to the birth helped enormously while I was in labour. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with me and for helping us meet our little miss.

Yolande M – Florist Sutherland Shire, Sydney

I’ve been seeing Jasmine for over 5 years, both in person and via Skype, and I find both types of session equally effective. She is an incredibly intuitive and powerful healer who always helps me find my centre, correct course, and stay on track for a happier and more connected life. My sessions with Jasmine are essential to my well being and I’m truly grateful to have such an amazing woman in my life!

Kate Redfern, Sydney

It’s hard to put into a few sentences just how much Jasmine has changed my life. She helped me identify that some of my fears were actually just my intuition guiding me. She cleared the path to allow my mind and body to embrace the chance of having a second baby. There are no crystal balls or tarot cards…just a beautiful person with an amazing gift and I don’t know what I’d do without her in my life.

Taryn Mcivor Sutherland Shire

Through a miracle I stumbled across Jasmine. I was confused and distressed, she has been able to support, give guidance and heal me when I have faced my darkest times. Jasmine is extremely professional, caring and nurturing. I have recommended her to my family and friends and they all say the same thing, “I feel so much better”, “She is amazing”, and my response is “She is an earth angel, she was sent to help”.

Jasmine has a meditation class that is like nothing I have ever experienced, she takes you on a personal journey that you don’t want to return from. Through this journey I was able to meet my ‘Guardian Angel’, it was a moment that I will never forget and I’m very grateful for.

I have participated in seminars that Jasmine has delivered, her presentation and resources were outstanding.

Luana – Coach Sutherland Shire

I feel so fortunate to count myself as one Jasmine’s longstanding clients. Over 7 years ago (after trying so many other treatments for back pain and various injuries along the way) I was amazed  to discover Jasmine’s gentle style of acupuncture and powerful healing expertise actually worked. Now, I book visits when I feel the need and leave feeling pain-free and so much clearer – I’ve also found I sleep so much better! Jasmine is a health practitioner with a difference; her genuine concern for her clients’ wellbeing is a rare and precious thing as his her level of healing ability and integrity. You have everything to gain by visiting the peaceful sanctuary Jasmine has created and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Jackie Sydney

Working with Jasmine over skype is just like connecting with a best friend for a cuppa tea and a catch-up. I can pour by heart out to her with no judgment as we chat back and forth, while her magical hands get to work on the energetic level of ‘what’s really going on’. Jasmine has helped me move mountains with the ‘internal blocks’ I have been working through in growing my business over the last few years – whether supporting me to align with my business messaging or connect from a deeper place with my coaching clients. I am forever grateful for the loving support and MASSIVE shifts I have received time and time again.

Amanda Jane Daley – Business Mentor Sydney

Several years ago, when I didn’t know I needed help, Jasmine was sent to me by whatever power knew I needed her. I definitely needed help…….she saved my life………

Physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Over the space of a year Jasmine transformed me through soul therapy sessions and acupuncture (not bad for someone who is petrified of needles).

Happily we moved to sunny Queensland and all was well for two years – then I needed Jasmine’s help again. Slightly skeptical of how it could possibly work over Skype, nevertheless I put my faith in Jasmine’s ability. …..

There is little difference in how the therapy feels except perhaps the beautiful feeling of her hands on your body. The light knows no boundary….it finds you with Jasmine as the guide.

Julie Ford – HR Manager Gold Coast

About a year ago I was in a situation where I felt like I was hitting a brick wall – I knew something was wrong with me, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it actually was. I was desperate to find help and a friend of mine recommended a healing session with Jasmine. I live in London though, and Jasmine is on the other side of the world. I was skeptical as to how she would be able to heal me through Skype, but eventually I booked a session with her online, and it was magical. I could feel her energy working through me as if she was standing right next to me. Since then I’ve been on an incredible journey with her. She helped me to work through everything that came up during the sessions and generally in life – I know she’s got my back and I am not facing the challenges of life on my own anymore. I love her holistic approach and her wisdom and she’s taught me so much about the sacred feminine. When I think about Jasmine, I immediately start to smile and I feel so much love inside of me. She’s changed my life and I’m forever grateful.

Kristin P – Interior Designer London

Words will never be able to do justice in describing the work, and service Jasmine offers. Going to see Jasmine is like going to see a counsellor, energetic healer, miracle worker and friend all rolled into one. It’s impossible to not leave a session feeling lighter, brighter and happier. Over the years I have worked with Jasmine on many issues, with great success, including turning my breech bub at 35 weeks! I have and will continue to recommend Jasmine to all my friends and family.

Jenna Sutherland Shire

I have absolutely loved all my treatments with Jasmine. She is amazing and has touched my heart and changed my life. I have had treatments both one to one and in group meditations. Jasmine always delivers a positive healing and I highly recommend her no matter what you are going through. Love and light.

Karen Seldon Caringbah

Jasmine’s calming healing sessions have provided me with psychic protection, balance, clarity, direction and manifesting abundance. But most importantly, she has supported and helped me with empowerment and self confidence. This obviously has a flow on effect in all areas of my life. Thank you! xx

Kate C Sydney

Working with Jasmine is a joy. As a kinesiologist myself I am very discerning about who I work with to help me stay balanced and aligned. Jasmine is someone I trust and consider highly skilled, deeply intuitive and very supportive. I have recommended her services to a number of friends.

Kerry Rowett – Kinesiologist Adelaide

I’ve been to see Cassandra twice now & she has changed my life around in the best way possible. I was having trouble breathing with chest pain due to anxiety. After one acupuncture treatment I could deep breath for the first time in years. I strongly recommend anyone to go see her. She’s amazing.

Philomana Sydney

I came to see Cassandra because I was having visitations by ghosts in my house, nasty ghosts that were putting pressure around my neck at night, and most nights, for years I was waking up screaming. I was scared to go to sleep, and I was taking sleeping medication, burning sage and praying, but nothing would help. I saw Cassandra for just one session, and from that day forward there have been no more disturbances in my house. I am no longer paranoid, nor scared. I go to bed with my door open now, and instead of having nightmares, I dream of my grandkids and wake up smiling. I was so impressed by the difference she made.

Eva M – Retired Kogarah

Cassandra has such a divine healing gift, she has been tending to my spirit & providing clarity, wisdom & healing for 17 years. Our Skype & phone sessions are profound, a reminder that energy work is beyond the realms of  physical distance & time.
During & after Cassandra’s work I feel significant shifts & clearings. I have complete trust in her work. Cass is such a positive soul bringing her care, light & love to bear in the lives of many. Deepest gratitude for the gift of her therapy.

Belinda Newick – Jeweller & Shiatsu Practitioner Melbourne

“There’s something special about Cassandra. She has a gift. Hard to know how else to describe it. She’s honest, sincere, empathetic, and she can tap into this other world that is right around us. I’ve been for two energy healing sessions and the benefits stayed with me for months afterwards. Check your cynicism at the door and just go.”

Amy – Communications Professional Sydney

“My two eldest children and I have been seeing “Dr Cassie”, (as they call her) for a few years now…and with each session addressing a range of matters from Autism to Anxiety and everything in between we’re given a great balance and a positive result every time.

On all our busy individual journeys through life, perspective is sometimes lost. Within our family, Cassandra may have a small part to play, but she definitely does have a very large impact.”


Dean Menai

I have known Cassandra for over 8 years & she is truly a gifted healer. Words aren’t enough to describe the difference she has had on my life during this time. She is a beacon in the dark guiding you to your truth.

Rosanna – Social Worker Balgowlah

“Cassandra has always inspired me to believe in what I feel & I always feel encouraged and very supported with the knowledge that comes through her amazing healing sessions!!”

Loraine H – Disability Carer Sylvania