Skype & Phone

Phone and Skype sessions are available to everyone, whether you live locally in Sydney, or you’re located interstate or overseas. These sessions are equally very effective.


I will call you at the designated time.

You will get to talk through everything that is concerning you while I connect to your energy and send healing direct to you.

People always report being able to feel the necessary shifts occurring during the call and then a definite sense of change or resolution within hours or days of the healing.

Skype sessions are very similar to phone sessions except that we are able to see each other while we talk.

You might like to write yourself a list of topics and priorities that you want to address (there is no limit to how much you can bring to the session!)


I serve as a catalyst while your own subconscious sorts and shifts within you.

The energy I send allows this to occur instantly.

IMG_8263“About a year ago I was in a situation where I felt like I was hitting a brick wall – I knew something was wrong with me, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it actually was. I was desperate to find help and a friend of mine recommended a healing session with Jasmine. I live in London though, and Jasmine is on the other side of the world. I was skeptical as to how she would be able to heal me through Skype, but eventually I booked a session with her online, and it was magical. I could feel her energy working through me as if she was standing right next to me. Since then I’ve been on an incredible journey with her. She helped me to work through everything that came up during the sessions and generally in life – I know she’s got my back and I am not facing the challenges of life on my own anymore. I love her holistic approach and her wisdom and she’s taught me so much about the sacred feminine. When I think about Jasmine, I immediately start to smile and I feel so much love inside of me. She’s changed my life and I’m forever grateful.”

Kristin P – Designer, London UK

“I’ve been seeing Jasmine for over 5 years, both in person and via Skype, and I find both types of session equally effective. She is an incredibly intuitive and powerful healer who always helps me find my centre, correct course, and stay on track for a happier and more connected life. My sessions with Jasmine are essential to my well being and I’m truly grateful to have such an amazing woman in my life!”

-Kate, Sydney