Children, Fertility & Pregnancy

Babies, Children and Teenagers

Children are easy to treat because they respond rapidly to energy with minimum intervention. Their sessions are usually fun, and we don’t focus on their issues or make them feel that there is anything ‘wrong’ with them.

I treat children with various medical problems, disturbed sleep, night terrors, behavioural problems, sibling issues, learning difficulties, social problems and bullying at school.

Sleep disturbances can be cleared using techniques to return the child’s internal spirit to peace at night.


Children displaying anxiety, withdrawl, or attracting negative attention are remedied by releasing subconscious self worth issues & repressed memories.

I use medical intuition to read their body’s exact needs, and then I hold the sides of their head and observe the release of unexpressed emotions, body held beliefs. Sometimes issues are connected to other members of the family; and kids can even hold a parents stress through sympathy.

Quite often, children require a past life healing. Especially because the effect of their most recent lifetime can have a strong influence on their developing personality. Clearing this in childhood can save a lot of pain from recurring later in life.

Children always enjoy the experience of a healing, and usually will ask to come back and ‘see that magic lady again’!


Women wanting to conceive a baby can book a session to look at whether there might be unconscious blocks coming from their own fears, that could be stopping their wish come true!
I can also check by reading the potential father, or even the ancestral tree, that willingness to conceive is blessed in all directions. This can make a huge difference, and many of my clients have gone on to have healthy babies after we have cleared the way.

I can also check if there are soul agreements for future children in place in preparation for pregnancy. Sometimes ancestral karma can interfere with conception, however this can usually be cleared with just one session.


I also offer reproductive psychic surgery treatments for increasing fertility. This involves removing energetic stagnation, miscarriages, abortions, memories of past life birth traumas, and meridian blockages from the reproductive organs from above the body. Acupuncture can also be effectively used in conjunction to increase your fertility if you’re seeing me in person for your session.


By reinforcing the reservoir of energy in the lower torso, we can decrease the chances of miscarriage.

Babies in utero can be calmed & cleared so they feel peacefully connected to their pending birth experience. In my experience, my communication with babies will even turn them into the correct position.


By about 30 weeks I can read aspects of the baby’s personality. I can also see whether there are problems ahead for the actual birth, and correct the potential difficulties. This works because babies who are not in fear will generally come out into the world confidently on their terms – when their timing is right!