Meet Jasmine

For the exact reason you have sought me – I hold the solution.

I wasn’t born with this gift. I haven’t died and been revived like other psychics, nor struck by lightning. I’ve had no mentoring or shamanic initiations in the desert. People often ask me: “Are you an angel!?”


My 20 year career as a therapist first began as a teenager when I discovered and studied Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture and Naturopathy. I was exposed to alternative ideas, energy concepts, philosophies, psychology, universal laws, quantum physics and metaphysics, and I fell in love with it all! I continued my studies in meditation and practiced devotedly yoga, reiki, chironic healing and kinesiology.

By age 20 I could hear messages from spirit guides. Cassandra 3 (2)

Realising that I was an ’empath’, I began to develop my sensitivity as my core strength, not my weakness.

I developed my ability to heal myself and others by understanding mind-body-energy medicine. By age 25, I was already a reiki master with powerful shamanic skills.

I could clearly sense what other people were feeling and intuit what was troubling them.

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I continued to learn about the body’s electromagnetic field; our super quantum matrix containing information about our ancestral influences, past lives, karmic issues, soul contracts, fate and destiny. I discovered the forces of light, the 12 dimensions, our guides and angels, and the power of our human collective consciousness. I constantly searched to understand more of the ‘bigger picture’.

I began to connect people to their own intrinsic healing.


In 2003, I moved from my home town of Adelaide to Sydney, to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I completed my degree over six years while having babies, and continued to run my healing clinic with the addition of acupuncture therapy.

With my patients, I could hear their subconscious mind speaking, locate their stored emotions and release them through my finger tips. Even from a distance.


I attribute my psychic skills to working with thousands of people for over two decades, being open to life’s teachings and believing in truth, while always remaining anchored in the integrity of my healing.

Today I feel blessed that I can offer the very best level of transformational support to people all over the world.

The healing takes places through the synergy of willing hearts.IMG_8825

I believe no healer in the world does ‘the healing’ for you. I believe it is the combined consciousness & willingness of the healer and individual, which allows the healing to happen. Because when you are open, you allow a higher form of help to reach you and lift you from where you are, to where you need to go. Ultimately, you are the only one who can choose change, exactly when you are ready.

I truly enjoy being the problem solver, catalyst, energy surgeon and change designer.

My professional qualifications

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) UTS, Sydney
  • Member of ANTA / AHPRA Registered
  • Diploma of Natural Medicine (Ayurveda)
  • Usui Shiki Ryohu Reiki Master
  • Laughter Yoga Leader (Dr Kataria School)
  • Signature Cell Healer® Level II Practitioner
  • Chironic Healing® Practitioner
  • Workshop & Meditation Facilitator
  • Shonishin Japanese Paediatric Acupuncturist

My mission is to bring more of what I do to the world. I’m currently writing my first book which is all about the power of your energetic heart (yeah!!) and I will soon release channelled audio meditations, plus an online healing program – so you can expect to see much more inspired teachings coming your way in 2021!

In my personal life, I continue to learn so much from my gorgeous children, my loving partner, and my beautiful mother, as well as our puppy and two cats who all keep me connected to the essences of life, meaning, and love every single day.

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If I had a magic wand…

I would heal the world and run it with love. I’d be an ice figure skating champion and have four kids. I would run a fashion company too.  You would see me on keyboards playing in a famous band. I’d live in Europe six months of the year and travel everywhere teaching the other six months. I would give everyone a puppy, a copy of my future book, and a magic wand for good wishing only.

.. A few of these wishes may still happen.


I am so grateful you are here!!

With Spirit,

xox Jasmine