Hello!! You have come to the right place if you would like to make an appointment for a Skype or phone 1:1 healing session, or to arrange a 5 day distant healing.

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If you would like to know when my next available 1:1 session time is, proceed with the bookings app and you will see my online calendar appear. Then check your diary to find a mutual session time. Session costs are outlined there too.

Even though I’m located in Queensland, I am still available for Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and Phone consultations where ever you are, all around the world! Appointments are available, just book online, my diary is currently open.

No matter where you or I are physically, energy healing has no barrier when it comes to space and time. I’ve been practicing distant healing for the past 22 years and I still choose to continue to work this way because it is so effective!

And for those who prefer to see me in person, I will be flying to Sydney to do clinic days every 1-2 months, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletters and follow my social media if you want to be advised in advance of those dates. 

My next 2020 Marrickville, Sydney clinic dates are:

March 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th. (FULLY BOOKED).

Following that I will offer session times in Sydney at the end of April and again at the start of June. TBA.

You can also book a distance healing, and I will work wonders on you, your partner, your family, or your home, via photos and email correspondence, for 5 days, starting on the soonest Monday morning.

Feel free to email me using the form below if you have any type of query.

Or text me on 0417004355

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x Jasmine 🌸


I accept EFTPOS or credit card at the clinic. For phone or Skype I can either email you a PayPal invoice, or pay with PayPal online when you book online.

For session fees you can pay via direct transfer to: 

Spirit & Soul Pty Ltd

St George Bank

BSB 112879

Account 420229231

If you have a question or a booking request please send it here.

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