Business Coaching

Are you an ambitious, heart centred entrepreneur?

Are you new to the online world and taking bold steps to market your grand idea to the world?

Are you ready to give your business wings to fly?

Do you want to feel confident in your decision making and supported during your expansion?


I will help you to align with your vision so you can progress forward and manifest that business freedom you so desire, because truth be told, it is ALL possible.

If you want to feel impassioned by the Universe and deeply connected to your reason for being, your business relationship to your dream is a good place to start.

Together, we will build the energetic signature of your business so that it is authentic, purposeful and attractive to your potential clients!


We will also:

  • Enhance your intuition and help you feel fully connected to your positive intentions, skills and growing brand.
  • Clear blocks and fears of earning what you deserve.
  • Remove low vibe comparisons and competition so that you can focus on your own brilliance and build positive relationships with your colleagues.
  • Raise your message and ensure you follow through on your actions.
  • Cultivate a fire in your belly, passion in your heart and clarity in your mind.

How does it work?

We will build a field of intention around your business and connect it to your heart, your drive, your gifts and your purpose. The sessions will allow you to ask questions and solve barriers so you can shine and grow brighter, both online and in the world.

Start working toward your goal even if you don’t feel totally ready! It’s all about starting something that’s in your heart, and then building it until completion.


Business Coaching Package

$1,500AU (incl GST)

1 Month of Intense Business Mentoring, Personal Healing & Support

3 x 1 hour Coaching & Healing Sessions via Skype &/or Phone

Daily Distance Healing and Alignment Transmissions

An Intuitive Review of your Website, Marketing & Branding

Email Support

I work with a lot of amazing entrepreneurs. This is what some have to say:


Amanda JAmanda_Jane_Daleyane Daley – Business Mentor

“Working with Jasmine over skype is just like connecting with a best friend for a cuppa tea and a catch-up. I can pour by heart out to her with no judgment as we chat back and forth, while her magical hands get to work on the energetic level of ‘what’s really going on’. Jasmine has helped me move mountains with the ‘internal blocks’ I have been working through in growing my business over the last few years – whether supporting me to align with my business messaging or connect from a deeper place with my coaching clients. I am forever grateful for the loving support and MASSIVE shifts I have received time and time again.”


christine rChristine Rosas – Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

“I’ve been praying for quite some time for at least one person that’s down to earth, approachable, and understands the physical symptoms life’s stresses have caused within my body. I found all of that and more in working with Jasmine. Not only is Jasmine able to empathise with challenges that I’m having, she’s able to help me to heal and grow into the person I’m meant to be, both personally and professionally.  I am forever grateful for her email support and our continuing time together.”