During your healing session at the clinic, you can choose to have acupuncture as part of your treatment (at no extra cost). If you specifically want to receive an acupuncture treatment, please let me know upon arrival.

Acupuncture will energise your whole body and increase your ability to think clearly so you feel light and free – feelings we all desire but have difficulty maintaining sometimes.


Gentle Acupuncture

A reading of your body will indicate whether acupuncture is especially beneficial for you. I may highly recommend it mainly in cases of muscular pain or injury, fertility, insomnia and anxiety.


An average musculoskeletal treatment may utilise up to ten needles. Many of my treatments involve just choosing one or two acupuncture points. My style of acupuncture is intuitive, which means I can talk to your body through my fingertips and be guided by your body’s intelligence.

You will experience a shift in consciousness and physiology, which will relieve your symptoms. With heightened intention and clarity, I will align your body’s subconscious to work in union with the needles, as they act as antennas to release your stored emotions and blocked pain.


I use a very gentle technique. You might feel the needles initially for a few seconds and then the sensation will subside and feel quite comfortable.

Acupuncture is an ideal treatment for:

     aches and pains


     joint problems

     tendons, ligaments, muscles

     postural and alignment problems

     arthritis (all types)

     repetitive strain injury







     women’s health and more…

You can claim a private health fund rebate if you are receiving acupuncture.


Accredited member of ANTA