We all want to feel awake in our lives.

We all want to feel guided purposefully in this world.

 Being happy, resourceful, resilient, courageous!

~ and positively in love with love too.

And all the while adapting and growing through situations & relationships.

Recurring patterns, untruthful stories and a whole lot of energetic residue gets in the way though, time and time again.

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And life can throw some really tough challenges.

I’m Jasmine, and I’m here to connect you with your own infinite healing magic!

I’m a psychic energy-surgeon, acupuncturist, distance healing channel, medical intuitive, guidance counsellor, and mind-body-energy specialist.

I facilitate monumental, kick-ass positive change in people’s lives.


This healing gift enables me to see, interpret and mend with you your blocks, fixations, phobias and doubts to allow you to live free of the heavy weight you’ve been carrying for days, weeks, years and sometimes, even lifetimes!

How do I do this?

I heal by removing the untruth from where it has been created within you.

I also reconcile the distortions and links that exist externally tied to you.

I help you to achieve the change you seek by transforming your pain, depressive emotions, anxiety, recurring thoughts and negative influences – with you.

I peel you back to your truth and help you to process the layers, which you have protectively formed in response to all that life has given and taken from you.

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I encourage you to move you from repression to full expression, by retrieving all your inner resources, your coping mechanisms….your invisible magic!

I believe healing should be fun and liberating for the soul and spirit.

Because when you feel soulful, you beam fully from within.

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And when you feel spirited, you are animated by a much larger, divinely connected force.

  You move into the drivers seat of your own conscious vehicle, steering with clear eyes, powered by choice, fueled with heart and guided by trust.

My services

Professionally accredited and spiritually supported, I believe in serving you with healing services that are a whole lot of fun, grounded in the highest level of skill, delivered with straightforward honesty, and of course, give you superb results.

Healing Sessions are designed specifically to serve your needs and may include acupuncture and energy healing, readings and guidance, soul retrieval, past life healing, shamanic healing and relationship healing. It completely depends on where you are in your life in this very moment.

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I also offer a wide selection of Distance Healings, which involves sending healing intention and energy to a person, group or situation from afar.

If you are an ambitious, heart-centred entrepreneur, Business Therapy will build the energetic signature of your business so that it is authentic, purposeful and attractive to your potential clients!

Learn about my story as a healer and join the spirited tribe newsletter.


You deserve to live a life full of real magic.

I can’t wait to help you experience it.