Magic doesn’t exist in fairytales and lofty dreams.

It isn’t reserved for the gifted, famous and lucky either.

It is available to you in each and every moment.

The trick?

You have to ask for it.

Cassandra 4 (2)

So often, we roam this beautiful world in a fog

– disconnected, distracted and disillusioned from what truly matters.

We seek change. We want more happiness, passionate love, radical connection, divine purpose and of course, ceaseless fun in our lives. But the pursuit can feel relentless and the result, not always satisfying.

So let me ask you this:

If you had a magic wand, what would you change or fix in your life right now with one quick swoosh?

Would you ask for:

Release from the stress and overwhelm?

Direction and clarity on a big life decision?

The right partner to enter your life?

More confidence, self-belief and swagger?


A stronger connection with a loved one?

Help in conceiving a happy and healthy bub?

Powerful presence and a positive mindset?

Unfathomable trust in your purpose?

What if I told you, I’m your magic wand?

Cassandra 6

I’m Jasmine Hawkins; psychic energy-surgeon, healing channel, acupuncturist, master of distance healing and intuitive guidance counsellor.

You can also call me a change artist.

Welcome to Spirit & Soul Healing Sanctuary

– the home of real magic.